10 Years For Sex? Identity Theft’s Just Not Worth It

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We usually don’t delve into too much of the bizarre on Identity Theft Secrets, but I read about this in the Washington Post and really found it curious.
Tiffany Gwen Weaver, of Reisterstown, Maryland, will possibly spend up to 10 years in prison, after she was charged with 7 different counts when she supposedly used Amanda Sprehn’s Identity.
Did she steal the identity of a Sprehn, a Maryland attorney:
– for financial gain?
– to have a cancer test?
– maybe just to run up a few phone bills?
No. Tiffany Weaver used the identity of Amanda Sprehn (of the Annapolis law firm Hyatt, Peters & Weber), so that she could get into a prison and enjoy her time with one of the inmates there.
Weaver had a Maryland State Bar Association Security Identification Pass with photo, identifying her as Amanda Sprehn, but she got caught when the prison contacted Sprehn’s (the real one) employer to say that she was no longer allowed in the jail.

(A little more background information)

“Annapolis attorney Amanda Sprehn, the real Amanda Sprehn, told The Baltimore Examiner she was on leave when her firm received a letter banning her from the jail.
“I was out on maternity leave,” she said. “They informed me they received a letter saying I had been caught having sex with an inmate which was a real laugh.”
“I haven’t a clue how she got onto my identity,” Sprehn said, adding that she has never represented Weaver. “I certainly feel like a victim. My reputation is at stake. There were already rumors circulating about me in Annapolis. My colleagues had to squash the rumors.”
Prison investigators met with Sprehn’s firm, and realized the business card and security pass were fakes. Further investigation led them to Weaver, authorities said.”

Now, Weaver will spend as many as 10 years of her life in jail, because from the alleged incident, she has charges against her which include forgery, fraud, and the false use of government identification.
I hope that she really enjoyed her time “Just visiting”, because she has found a way to be a more permanent resident.
Stealing someone’s identity for one quick romp (which was apparently cut short by those monitoring the inmates) in exchange for 10 years of your life?
That’s just bizarre.